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Located in the heart of Salt Lake City's art district, Lost Eden Gallery is an independently owned gallery exclusively dedicated to Indigenous art - past, present, and emerging. 

Beautiful Coral



Culture, Containers, & Consumption

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In the diaspora, we, as Pacific Islanders, are separated from the motherland by space and time. This separation causes some parts of our identity to be violently stripped away, and others to be placed aside out of convenience or necessity. We hold on to what is left and innovate to fill the gaps.


Our Pacific Islander food tells a story of separation from a community, and a reconstructing of community. Food is an extension of land and has mana which we consume. Precious food is transported across ocean and land, maintaining community ties. Food is prepared and shared and modified in the diaspora, creating and strengthening community. With food, we retain and share our history and culture.

Tali Alisa Hafoka

Meet the Artist

My name is Tali. My father is from Samoa and my mother was born and raised in California with ancestry from Eastern and Western Europe. I was born and raised in Hawaii and currently live in Utah where I am raising four children with my partner who was born here to Tongan immigrants. As an artist, mom and wife living away from the Pacific, my family’s Pacific Islander heritage and connection to community feel vulnerable, like they will disappear if I am not intentional about keeping them. With the work in this show, I hope to express separation from and connection to culture and heritage, and also question how culture is contained and consumed.

Roses Welder


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