Mountains in Fog
Water Foam
Outline of Mountains
Image by Dušan Veverkolog
Image by Rohit Tandon
Mountains in Clouds
Image by A Nd Ki



Lost Eden Gallery is an Indigenous owned space focused on art and culture. We create art for non-art outcomes and experiences.



The Space in LOST EDEN is a place to break the mold, push the limits of what's possible, and expand potential. We look for leaders who dream, chase, create, and grow. Our culture thrives by celebrating innovation and encouraging diversity in all we do. Our brand seeks go-getters excited to bring their passion and skills into a tight-knit community of navigators, storytellers, and unique rebels. Be a part of a dope society.


Homegrown Mix in THE SPACE

LOST EDEN Space is Salt Lake City's leading cultural hub, co-working space, and dream incubator. The Space is a (k)new generation media and storytelling lab weaving social science, art, and emergent technology to create a unique working environment ready to  solve today's biggest challenges. 

The Oceania Archive 

We believe stories harness the power to change the world. The Oceania Archive serves to reconnect Pacific Islanders in the United States to their indigeneity and combat cultural erasure. The Oceania Archive is a depository where our stories - past, present, and future - reside. 

Aerial View of Surfers

Harvard Oceania Fellowship Finds Home in Salt Lake City

The Space in Lost Eden has been named as the official home for Harvard's newest Oceania Fellowship. Open to any Pacific Islander 18+ located in Utah, the Harvard Oceanic Collections Engagement Fellowship (HOCEF) is a collaborative initiative by the Harvard Alumni for Oceania (HAO), Peabody Museum, Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA), and the University of Utah's School for Transformation.  To find out more, visit https://www.peabody.harvard.edu/hocef.

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